I don’t enjoy being on tumblr but I enjoy posting shit to add to the shit like contribution without participation

I will pay someone no more than 1 dollar to cut my hair thanksgiving weekend with a knife or tooth of a wild animal ur choice im serious

I have to do a gesture drawing of a shoe. The gesture of a shoe. Help


Exactly what I’ve been looking for


Exactly what I’ve been looking for

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our savior


our savior

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Factually, he didn’t say “vaginal material” 30 times it was more like 3 times but the impact felt the same

school has elevated my tolerance for cringe worthy stuff like if anything i am gaining the ability to hear a greasy guy in socks and sandals say the phrase “vaginal material” 30 times within 15 minutes so just try and tell me that isn’t valuable

this man in studio practice takes like fifteen minutes to explain his work during critiques and he is so condescending and always talks about the psychology behind his paintings because he took one year of psychology and its so boring and horrible i want to suspend him from school

People with rly clean shoes are suspicious to me cuz like where have u been??? Obviously nowhere as of late weirdo, just my opinion

Friends don’t let friends date capitalists or non alien believers


potential bf has some sublime albums on his phone, i think mary would like him


Was piczo invite only too

Jean just told me my aesthetic is “kinky grandpa” and u know what fine


Steal Her Loch:

actually no i can’t do this sorry

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